Monday, August 2, 2010

Pandamonium – it's a bear giveaway

It's a cold August day, so in the spirit of getting warm I have 3 furry bear prints to giveaway. The bears are water coloured gocco prints, and are each pictured with their favourite listening device. (Edition of 15)

Just leave a comment, and let me know which is your favourite. One of each design will be given away, winners will be selected at random on the 17th of August.

Pictured above is Panda bear & boppin' beats
Snapping those padded paws along to those swingin' 60's sounds.

Sun bear & breakbeats.
This radical sun bear loves to listen to KISS on his 1984 style ghetto blaster.

Polar bear & baby beats
Sometime a big bear just needs a little bit of sound. A bear about town needs a 1979 walkman.


  1. Ohh a contest! The polar bear that's wired for sound is my favorite!

  2. I love the Polar Bear and his baby beats! He's 'cool' on so many levels that my brain feels like ice-cream....!

  3. Can I enter? Did the bear on the ghetto blaster save up its pocket money to buy that? I do like a bear that can save!

  4. I have TWO favourites at the bear minimum!

    No.1 fav is the popular polar,

    No.2 fav is the 'one worry line' Panda.

  5. That bear on the ghetto blaster totally looks like a good saver.

  6. Although I love a sneezing panda as much as the next gal, the grizzly on the ghetto blaster is a winner!