Monday, June 24, 2013

Stacks on (super) Cats

Recently for the MCA zine fair I launched a new piece called 'Stacks on Cats'. It's a double sided mini poster about cats balancing stacks of things – What could be more fun than a cat balancing act. It's a digital collage of water colour, paper patterns, fabric and pencil line work. I've kept the line work quite loose and sketchy, I wanted the illustration to be light and just a little silly.

I've now submitted this design for the threadless 'Super cats' T-shirt comp. If you are interested in supporting my illustration, head over to threadless and vote for it to be produced as a t-shirt.
 Side 1 – Stacks on Cats

 Details from Stacks on Cats 

Side 2 of the poster

I've split the second side of the poster into three panels of line drawings. The left panel features Cats in Stacks of things like pancakes, tea cups, fruit and macaroons. The middle panel is a Stack of Cats – no explanation needed. The right panel is Stacks and Cats, featuring stacked items such as books, buildings, clothing, cars and cats.
For this project I was collecting a stack (get it) of cat and stacked items from magazines for inspiration for my illustrations. I couldn't help but to create little stack compositions as I went.

Over all producing Stacks on Cats was a stack of fun.