Friday, February 15, 2013

Branding Sprout & Bean Catering

The fabulous cooking duo Kate Allan and Meredith Walker-Harding have started their own vegetarian/vegan catering company called Sprout and Bean. The girls have been cooking up or rawing up dishes for high teas, birthday parties, weddings and events.

For their new venture Sprout and Bean needed a logo, this is where I come in. Kate and Meredith make everything by hand, their food styling  also reflects this with hand written chalk boards and menus, with a touch of vintage table settings, they recycle , reuse and repurpose items that they have collected to display their fabulous food creations.

For the logo, I wanted it to be created by hand. I wrote the business name by hand and incorporated a reference to sprout and bean, which appear to be growing on the writing like on a vine. I then painted a not so perfect heart shaped leaf with water colour to contain the logo. I this the logo is a representation of the ethos of the business. I had them printed on a recycled paper stock, I'm really happy with the results.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sketching the Mungo Scott Flour Mill

Being based around Summer Hill in the inner west, and often riding the train home, the Mungo Scott Mill is a familiar landmark.

The Flour Mill was built in 1922 and was owned by a number of different companies, including Mungo Scott. In 2007 the Mill was sold to a developer, it is now the site of the new light rail, with a further plan to build and apartment block and shops.

I've knew that I wanted to draw the Mill before the development had started, so I took an excursion out to document the Mills public face from all of the sides and started sketching. It looks like a little village, with clusters of buildings in various cylindrical, rectangular and misc shapes.

On the old Canterbury Rd side there is a lot of discarded building materials and rubble leading up to the cylindrical silos, makes for an interesting texture to draw.

The Sweets Workshop annual exhibition 'My Goodness My Gocco' is coming up and I think I might turn some of these sketches into gocco prints!