Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Customer House Illustration – Cal-Australian Bungalow

I was approached by a local to Illustrate the family home which had sadly been claimed for the West Connex project. 

The House is a classic Bungalow style, which is an important Architectural Style in Australia and one of my personal favourites. 

The Bungalow design came from America. They were a popular design after the war as they were cheap and easy to put up, using what ever materials were local. The design was adapted to suit the Australian climate, with further variations made for the different states to accommodate their conditions and the building material available. 

This house and the garden are immaculate and feature a rust, teal and cream colour scheme for the house and various succulents, camellias and standard roses placed carefully in the garden. There were a couple of feline family members roaming around, who made themselves be a part of the illustration.
The house has a large Jacaranda tree off to the left, which frames the house nicely. I painted the Jacaranda in full bloom to add a bit of drama to the landscape, and created the flowers out of water colour blooms. For the bricks and the wood panel I used the seams of a vintage cardigan and a dark coloured knit for the street. The rest is hand painted in water colour, with the link work drawn in black ink pen. 

It’s at the framers right now, I’m looking forward to seeing it all boxed up and handing it over to the client.