Sunday, May 12, 2013

Railz Zine Launch

I've illustrated my local train station previously. A customer had commented while browsing my illustration catalogue, that "train stations, are you know... Not that nice..." I only hope she was talking about the subject matter and not the drawing.

Train stations are a drawing challenge, but the repetition of lines and patterns from the cables, the pillons and the tracks can be quite interesting. Growing up in the western suburbs meant that I spent a lot of time travelling to work on the train.
This zine is however, about a shorter journey, my trip from Lidcombe station to Summer Hill. It includes a bit of photography and drawing. It's predominantly black with a yellow dot grain texture. I've used a zigzag fold to keep give the zine direction  - as you unfold, the image on the back stretches out into a train track. The cover is printed black on orange card, I've hand drawn a metallic silver line over the railz to highlight the metal. This was quite a hands on assembley which I really enjoyed.  We'll be having a stall at the MCA zine fair on May 20, I'll be launching Railz along with my mini poster, stacks on cats to the masses ; )