Friday, May 30, 2014

A Line – Zip of Sewing Bits & Bobs - Alphabet Poster

I have wanted to create a fun alphabet poster for a while and had the idea to draw one based on the contents of a sewing box, full of sewing projects. Ok, so it’s a true story, my sewing box, full of sewing projects that I haven’t managed to get to.I scribbled down some rough ideas, reworking some of the weaker ones. I then began sketching the letters and their graphics on my water colour paper, working to a loose grid so that they would all fit in. Hazahhh! It fits and I quickly get inking using a couple of different pen thicknesses.Adding the watercolour  was the fun part, keeping to a bright but limited amount of colour for consistency. After water colouring I scanned the pieces and added a cream fabric texture and sent to print.When the posters came back, I was really happy with the colour and quality. They are now for sale at Sweets Workshop, online and instore. Finger crossed, I’m hoping to get to some more Alphabet posters in the future.