Thursday, February 19, 2015

Beautiful Little Things - Logo Design

I had my inks and watercolours out again to create a logo for a photography business called Beautiful Little Things. The client was after a hand watercoloured treatment for the lettering, along with a little fox graphic. 

I trialed a few different font styles, from traditional scripts - to looser, loopier versions and had a play with ink weights and layering. This was a great exercise for me in working with varying pressure placed on the brush and learning to accept my wobbly hand. 

I created the little fox by doing different separations in ink. This allowed me to be quite flexible with the colour changes that the client required. I used a cream, Amber and red brown ink separtions, which I then layered in Photoshop and plate with the opacity.

The colours and the handpainted technique gave the logo warmth and heart which is what the client was hoping for.