Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ashfield House Illustration with Vintage Cars

I was very excited to draw this place. For 1, It was a Bungalow. 2, It had cool automobiles and 3, It had a beautiful large magnolia tree. Lots of fun working on this one, I'm really happy with the composition and I think the crumpled paper texture really made the large tree on the left.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

House Illustration Commission

Another house illustration for a lovely client. They own a cute little cottage in my local area, complete with two cute pups. I found just the right cardigan cuff to use for the corrugated iron.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pretty in Pink – The Marie-Louise Salon, Enmore Road

The Marie-Louise Salon has been an interest of mine for some time, (call it an obsession if you will), I was so taken with it that I had to draw it for my exhibition 'The sun Sets in the West' in 2010. For as long as I remember, it had been closed, every now and then the little knick-knacks in the window would change or be decorated with scarves and tinsel… I had always wanted to see what it was like inside. 

The shop had recently sold and on Sunday, the new owners had an open invitation to walk through and make an offer on some of the memorabilia that had been hidden behind closed doors for years. Here's a few pics from my visit to the Salon. 

Marie-Louise kept old bottles of Flex conditioner, vintage boxes of blue hair rinse and hair die (ouch) and of course retro hair roller sets. There were a few of the original hair setting chairs left (the rest had been claimed) and the original 1950's pink wash basins were just charming.

I'm very interested in seeing what the salon becomes, but I'm very glad that the famous facade is heritage listed. 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Commission to Draw a Historical House

I haven't published a lot of my house illustration commissions but recently I had the pleasure of completing a commission of a local house of historical significance. It was a District Governors Cottage, built to house gas workers in 1894.

The owner of the house wanted a good representation of the house and it's original features. I've enjoyed drawing the shape of this house, with the decorative brickwork on the facade. With the combination of fabric, lace, water colour and pencil, this was the result.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Doing the Fruit Fandango for Food Fight 2013

This year's Food Fight theme for Sweets Workshop's annual exhibition and publication is 'The Festive Feast'. My festive idea for this is 'The Fruit Fandango', ie. fruit pieces dancing. I used water colour and played with the structure of some water melon piece to create a female figure. What could be more masculine than a hunk of green melon? Huh?
The Fruit Fandango

Sketches, practice runs and fun.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Stacks on (super) Cats

Recently for the MCA zine fair I launched a new piece called 'Stacks on Cats'. It's a double sided mini poster about cats balancing stacks of things – What could be more fun than a cat balancing act. It's a digital collage of water colour, paper patterns, fabric and pencil line work. I've kept the line work quite loose and sketchy, I wanted the illustration to be light and just a little silly.

I've now submitted this design for the threadless 'Super cats' T-shirt comp. If you are interested in supporting my illustration, head over to threadless and vote for it to be produced as a t-shirt.
 Side 1 – Stacks on Cats

 Details from Stacks on Cats 

Side 2 of the poster

I've split the second side of the poster into three panels of line drawings. The left panel features Cats in Stacks of things like pancakes, tea cups, fruit and macaroons. The middle panel is a Stack of Cats – no explanation needed. The right panel is Stacks and Cats, featuring stacked items such as books, buildings, clothing, cars and cats.
For this project I was collecting a stack (get it) of cat and stacked items from magazines for inspiration for my illustrations. I couldn't help but to create little stack compositions as I went.

Over all producing Stacks on Cats was a stack of fun.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Railz Zine Launch

I've illustrated my local train station previously. A customer had commented while browsing my illustration catalogue, that "train stations, are you know... Not that nice..." I only hope she was talking about the subject matter and not the drawing.

Train stations are a drawing challenge, but the repetition of lines and patterns from the cables, the pillons and the tracks can be quite interesting. Growing up in the western suburbs meant that I spent a lot of time travelling to work on the train.
This zine is however, about a shorter journey, my trip from Lidcombe station to Summer Hill. It includes a bit of photography and drawing. It's predominantly black with a yellow dot grain texture. I've used a zigzag fold to keep give the zine direction  - as you unfold, the image on the back stretches out into a train track. The cover is printed black on orange card, I've hand drawn a metallic silver line over the railz to highlight the metal. This was quite a hands on assembley which I really enjoyed.  We'll be having a stall at the MCA zine fair on May 20, I'll be launching Railz along with my mini poster, stacks on cats to the masses ; )

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Musical Bears Tea Towel

Beary happy to have received my musical bears tea towel today. Your may recall some time ago I completed a series called 'Musical Bears'. It featured line work drawings of bears listening to music on various listening devices, from portable record players to a good old 1930's bakelite radio.

Thinking that these bears need to spend more time together, I've now put the 'Musical Bears' series on a tea towel which is available online and in store Sweets Workshop.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Greeting card Range

I've been working on a bright new card range for Sweets Workshop, which we will be launching at the next Finders Keepers Sydney Markets in May. Watercolours, paper scraps and pencils ready! 
Clockwise from top left: Making Beautiful Music, That's A Funny Looking Stalk, my favourite gocco print Polar Bear with Beats is now available as a greeting card and my classic print Dancing Shoes, is also available in the new card range.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Turning the Mill into Gocco Print Gold

So far out of the sketches I've completed I have decided on two that are graphic enough to create a gocco print from. One has the of the zoom sketch with 'Mungo Scott' lettering, brick work buildings and silos, the second includes the two silos with the rubble at the base. (Pictured above is the super special edition with metallic ink embellishment).

For the 'Mungo Scott' print kept it 2 colour, sky blue and black line work. I've printed some single colour  black on some craft paper and I have had a little fun with this and make a super limited edition version with metalic ink and hand water colour.

'The Mungo Scott' with hand water colour.

The screens used to create the 'Mungo Scott' Gocco Print

For the silo print I'm using 3 colours in 2 screen passes. In the first screen I've used light green and sky blue, positioning the ink on the screen where I want it to fall. You know me, I don't mind a bit of overlap, or an off register effect. The next screen in black only... The beauty and the beast of print gocco is that it is hard to register your colours. Some are bang on, some just off,  others way off. It seems the harder I tried, the worse it got. Haha.
'The Old Mill'

Screens and scrap paper from 'The Old Mill' Gocco Print

Friday, February 15, 2013

Branding Sprout & Bean Catering

The fabulous cooking duo Kate Allan and Meredith Walker-Harding have started their own vegetarian/vegan catering company called Sprout and Bean. The girls have been cooking up or rawing up dishes for high teas, birthday parties, weddings and events.

For their new venture Sprout and Bean needed a logo, this is where I come in. Kate and Meredith make everything by hand, their food styling  also reflects this with hand written chalk boards and menus, with a touch of vintage table settings, they recycle , reuse and repurpose items that they have collected to display their fabulous food creations.

For the logo, I wanted it to be created by hand. I wrote the business name by hand and incorporated a reference to sprout and bean, which appear to be growing on the writing like on a vine. I then painted a not so perfect heart shaped leaf with water colour to contain the logo. I this the logo is a representation of the ethos of the business. I had them printed on a recycled paper stock, I'm really happy with the results.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sketching the Mungo Scott Flour Mill

Being based around Summer Hill in the inner west, and often riding the train home, the Mungo Scott Mill is a familiar landmark.

The Flour Mill was built in 1922 and was owned by a number of different companies, including Mungo Scott. In 2007 the Mill was sold to a developer, it is now the site of the new light rail, with a further plan to build and apartment block and shops.

I've knew that I wanted to draw the Mill before the development had started, so I took an excursion out to document the Mills public face from all of the sides and started sketching. It looks like a little village, with clusters of buildings in various cylindrical, rectangular and misc shapes.

On the old Canterbury Rd side there is a lot of discarded building materials and rubble leading up to the cylindrical silos, makes for an interesting texture to draw.

The Sweets Workshop annual exhibition 'My Goodness My Gocco' is coming up and I think I might turn some of these sketches into gocco prints!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Design for Community

Mis last year, I had the great opportunity to illustrate some banners for Ashfield Council. The banners are for display at events and festivals, they wanted a design that would appeal to the community and that was bright and engaging.

I focused on colour and shape to represent the culture, events, facilities and landscape of the Council area. I am really happy with the vibrant outcome.