Friday, March 1, 2013

Turning the Mill into Gocco Print Gold

So far out of the sketches I've completed I have decided on two that are graphic enough to create a gocco print from. One has the of the zoom sketch with 'Mungo Scott' lettering, brick work buildings and silos, the second includes the two silos with the rubble at the base. (Pictured above is the super special edition with metallic ink embellishment).

For the 'Mungo Scott' print kept it 2 colour, sky blue and black line work. I've printed some single colour  black on some craft paper and I have had a little fun with this and make a super limited edition version with metalic ink and hand water colour.

'The Mungo Scott' with hand water colour.

The screens used to create the 'Mungo Scott' Gocco Print

For the silo print I'm using 3 colours in 2 screen passes. In the first screen I've used light green and sky blue, positioning the ink on the screen where I want it to fall. You know me, I don't mind a bit of overlap, or an off register effect. The next screen in black only... The beauty and the beast of print gocco is that it is hard to register your colours. Some are bang on, some just off,  others way off. It seems the harder I tried, the worse it got. Haha.
'The Old Mill'

Screens and scrap paper from 'The Old Mill' Gocco Print

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