Monday, May 25, 2015

MCA Zine Fair - The Launch of Coffee & a Sketch Zine

After a few more coffees and a few more sketches, I thought I would compile these little ideas into a zine. To keep my sketches in good company I drew some matching coffees to sit side by side with them. 
I designed the zine in 3 colours, black for the linework, with a swish of teal water colour for the buildings and a splodge of golden brown for the coffee rings and cups. I had hoped to print this on a Riso printer in 3 separate colour passes, which would make the colours a nice matt texture and by manually feeding the paper, give the imagery a slight shift in registration. Unfortunately the machine was on the fritz, so I’ll have to revisit another time. For now, a full colour print job will have to do. I launched Coffee & a Sketch at the MCA Zine fair, which is always a great event. I collected probably as many zines as I sold, I have bag loads of inspiration and lovely ideas to flick through. 

I‘m still hoping to publish the zine on the Riso printer, I’ll post something when I do…

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